Charge right away or send a link.

Send an invoice

Send your customers a payment request via mail or messenger.

Charge at the Point of Sale

Charge customers in your store by showing them a QR code.

For Employees

Enable your staff to accept crypto directly to your wallet.

Charge the way you’re used to.

Charge in USD, EUR, etc.

Simply charge your regular price in your regular currency.

Get paid in BTC, NIM and USDC

Receive the amount in crypto directly to your wallet.


Keep an overview and track payments.

Charge directly to your wallet, no middleman.

Charge to any wallet

If you have a crypto address, you can charge to it.

Great with Nimiq Wallet

Don’t have a wallet? Create one in seconds and start charging.

100% Peer-to-Peer

The beauty of crypto: Get paid without any middlemen.

CryptoPayment Link is 100% free and brought to you by Nimiq, a cryptocurrency focused on ease of use and real-world usability.

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